2019 is coming to an end, how crazy does that sound? It’s soon time to count our latest achievements – how many of your personal goals have you reached this year? One of the musts on my 2019’s bucket list was the discovery of some Scandinavian cities – and even if Stockholm still remains on my list (hope to visit it beginning of next year though), I’ve been lucky to spend a couple of exciting days in Copenhagen for my birthday, so that’s one down!

Yes, as you might have observed by following me on Instagram, I’ve been attracted to Scandi aesthetics when it comes to fashion and design for some time now, but it is the discovery of their Hygge philosophy (hygge is a Danish quite untranslatable word that describes a state of coziness and wellbeing, self-care routines and just the art of finding comfort in little pleasures) that really sealed the deal between anything Scandinavian and myself.

In this optic I just couldn’t not fall for Nespresso’s new Nespresso Limited Edition Variations Nordic coffees – this year’s festive range is inspired by everything Scandi-good; from the packaging, a collaboration between renewed Danish designer Louise Campbell and Nespresso, representing layers of the Nordic landscape in a minimalistic way, to flavors that just make you want to indulge yourself in a little hygge coziness until Spring. Let’s have a little overview of these three new flavors:

Variations Nordic Almond Cake Flavoured

Inspired by the traditional Kvaefjordkake, a national treat that some Norwegians call “the world’s best cake”. For having tried it once I have to say that we definitely taste meringue and almond notes in this Nespresso Variations Nordic Almond Cake Flavoured coffee, in addition to the roundness and biscuity aromas of the Livanto base. I personally like to drink it as a cappuccino, without any extra topping simply because this coffee’s richness of flavors is self-sufficient.

Variations Nordic Cloudberry Flavoured

I used to love cloudberry jam as a kid, for it was quite common in northern Russia where I grew up (usually cloudberries grow across the arctic tundra in particularly cold climate) – this is why I was so thrilled when Nespresso made it the centerpiece of one of its Variations Nordic newbies. This coffee is very sweet and fruity – little tip : try having it as a long latte, the flavor it strong enough to push through milk and it will make a very satisfying and comforting drink to warm up these cold afternoons.

Variations Nordic Black

If you like your coffee black, with a little twist from time to time, the Nespresso Variations Nordic Black is for you! This one has cereal notes with just a little hint of fruity sweetness. Being a black coffee aficionado, Charles says it is very nice to drink long, without anything added.

In collaboration with Nespresso