Something I learned over my 25 years is to always choose quality over quantity. I learned it the hard way, believe me; from owning 30+ jeans I don’t wear to wondering how on earth would I pack my closet when I moved out from my parents a couple of years ago. But with age comes the reason, or so they say, and now, after undertaking a drastic cleanse of my wardrobe, I really focus on comfortable, timeless and quality pieces. 

Talking of all the qualities stated above, do you already know about ECCO? The Danish brand is one of the world’s leading shoe brand, being known for top-quality leathers, great fits and accessible price range. I’ve been wearing the brand as a kid for it was very popular in Russia, and I’ve been thrilled to rediscover their collections a couple of months ago during the opening of their flagship store in Zurich.

Well I’m very happy to see that the brand is continuing on its successful expansion course and has now launched a Swiss online shop (visit it HERE), offering a unique range of top-quality products – from elegant leather business shoes to comfy hiking boots and children’s shoes. Furthermore, with its diverse omni-channel services such as Click & Collect, Click & Reserve, Reserve or Order in Store and Return to Store, ECCO is now providing its Swiss customers with carefree shopping across all channels.

I personally indulged myself with a new pair of ECCO winter boots, the model is called Sartorelle 25 and I’m satisfied with its ankle-length shape and soft lamb fur lining. The pair is very easy to style as it is a classic model, I also chose it in black so that I can really wear it on a daily basis. Have you already found your perfect winter shoe?

In collaboration with ECCO shoes

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