Last weekend we did something we haven’t done in months : we had a family getaway! It’s crazy how things I once took for granted seem like privilege after lockdown – travels, glasses of wine on a sunny terrace, swims in the lake … Now we’re slowing getting it all back and man, the pleasure of it all is like getting drunk on euphoria. 

For our first trip after isolation we choose Montreux, this postcard city that is one hour away from Geneva. It wasn’t a random choice though, as both Charles and I have special memories there : not only I grew up in Montreux and Charles used to spend all of his holidays there as a child, but we actually met there back in 2011! It happened during Fairmont Le Montreux Palace’s annual Spring Ball; a beautiful event, a rather kitch outfit (omg a white strapless dress with red glittery high heels) and the most meaningful exchange of glances I ever had. 

Time flies, and now we were back there, at Fairmont Le Montreux Palace as a married couple with an active 2 years old toddler. I’ll be tempted to say that nothing changed, because we were greeted with the same outstanding service and smiley faces, but at the same time everything changed. The hotel closed for the first time since the last war because of the pandemic, its reopening is now being handled step-by-step and health safety measures have been taken to protect guests and employees – for example there are sanitary kits in each room, containing masks, hydroalcoholic gel and gloves, and reception’s desks are now equipped with protective screens. It’s definitely a new reality we’re facing while travelling in the wake of the pandemic, but I must say that Fairmont Le Montreux Palace went to great lengths to make us feel home and relaxed. While we were there most of the hotel’s facilities were open and available – guests were able to check-in (and were often upgraded to lake view rooms!), and to have breakfast in the main breakfast hall. The Terrasse du Petit Palais and the Montreux Jazz Café were serving their delicious lunches and dinners, and the hotel’s magnificent Willow Stream’s 2’000 sq.m. SPA was fully open. 

Charles, Seven and I stayed at Fairmont Le Montreux Palace for two nights and frankly it was a delightful stay, the weather was fabulous and we went to the SPA’s outside pool on mornings and afternoons. Because Seven goes to bed quite early we couldn’t have dinner out, but to be fair when your Suite has a movie-like lake view terrace going out seems trivial – we ordered room-service and watched the sunset with a glass of rosé in hand. Perfect way to kick off this Summer 2020 believe me!

In cooperation with Fairmont Le Montreux Palace