As lockdown is easing and slowly stopping here in Switzerland, I’m trying to see the silver linings of these hard past couple of months. First, I definitely got to spend more time at home with my family, when you have a child you realize that time needs to be valued, for a couple of weeks only can make a huge difference – kids grow too fast! (My little mommy heart will never cease wondering how the teeny tiny baby we brought from maternity can now be this strong-willed little man). Second, although a bit shaken at the beginning due to the drastic schedule change, my body seems grateful for this time off; less travels and on-the-go food makes miracles and I feel more energized than ever. And third, well imagine the fashionista that I am having to wear only pajamas and tracksuits for more that two months – I’ve been longing for dresses, accessories and of course SHOES! Life before lockdown has been a whirlwind of outfits and pictures, and as often in whirlwinds you tend to lose a part of fun along the way. Somehow this fashion break made me appreciate the simple pleasure of styling my looks on an everyday basis. Nothing surprising then that being outta lockdown I felt like upgrading my spring wardrobe – starting with shoes! One of the pairs I got is a bright orange (my happy color!) pair of flat sandals from one of my favorites’ : ECCO.

This ECCO W Flat Sandal II is in my humble opinion a great purchase, as explained to my husband in answer to the another pair of shoes? rhetorical question (I know, men), because for once they are the pop of color my wardrobe craves for during summertime, and for second because these are comfortable enough for me to actually wear these shoes throughout the entire season. In fact ECCO pleasantly surprised me with this Spring-Summer collection that turned out to be so colorful! Have you already had time to check it out? Click here if you want to!

In collaboration with ECCO