6 months – this time period can either seem like a lifetime (think lockdown) or can flow by as quickly as a Swiss train – it’s now been over 6 months that I’ve been chosen as a digital ambassador for SBB (the Swiss railway company) and what a fun adventure it has been!

Together we travelled the country, from Zurich to Ticino, without forgetting one particularly magical stay in Luzern, and we also travelled abroad using Interrail tickets : we went to Paris, Deauville,  Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille and Milano by train. Cosy and carefree just the way I like it.

If you’ve been following me for some time now you might know that trains are my favorite means of transportation, not only because I don’t drive lol, but also because when travelling by train the journey itself becomes an experience – you can take advantage of your traveling time to read, work, or catch up with your favorite series. Or you can sleep, fully aware of the fact that your driver will safely take you to destination. 

Apart from the comfort aspect, travelling by train is obviously also sustainable. In fact SBB trains are the most sustainable means of transport and if there is one thing the pandemic situation increased is the awareness that the way we travel and get around has a big impact on our personal carbon footprint. Sometimes we might think that our own little effort won’t influence the global situation but it’s wrong : all effort, no matter how small, counts. We can all be part of the change 🙂

So here is a little list of my favorite destinations you can reach by train in Switzerland, maybe that will give you some ideas for an upcoming autumn/winter getaway?


This one has been number 1 for me for as long as I can remember, I’ve been staying there a lot as I kid and I rediscovered the place this year. I love how Italian this place is, and I’m not only talking about language – you can have excellent pasta and gelato by the lake, and feel completely abroad while remaining in Switzerland. Also while you’re there, make sure to visit Morcote – it’s a little village nearby Lugano that is super calm and breathtaking. Do take your camera with you because the place is incredibly instagrammable.


The city where I grew up! I don’t often go back but when I do I always end up being in awe of the place’s beauty. Somehow growing up I didn’t realize the privilege I had of living there, with the most picturesque lakeside views, mountain’s landscapes and palm trees everywhere. It does feel like a little vacation. During summertime the Montreux Jazz Festival takes places there, and during wintertime you can have a real winter wonderland moment at the Christmas Market.


I only discovered this pretty city this summer – when I travelled there with SBB – and it did stole my heart! The lakeside and bridges are the most touristic places and they are of course worth a visit, but what I really enjoyed is bike riding in the city (everything in Luzern is accessible by bike) and also the restaurants and breakfast spots! There is quite a lot of amazing addresses there that are just waiting for their glory moment.


Well this one is a winter classic, because it cannot get more christmassy than a hot chocolate at the Gstaad Palace right? But have you ever tried reaching the place by train? Montreux-Gstaad trains run daily and they are beautiful! You can either get the Belle Epoque one (that just screams Harry Potter vibes!) or the Panoramic one (that is, as it name indicates it, perfect for admiring the breathtaking views).

In collaboration with SBB