A friend of mine working in real estate told me the other day that prices for properties close to the nature were literally exploding, that the situation we all live in (do I even have to name it?) for the past two years has reordered people’s priorities. Green spaces, forests, mountains – the importance of connecting with nature became an important part of our lives.

Even I, who consider myself a city girl, found myself craving for calm, a breath of fresh air and a walk in nature. Which, given my lifestyle is unfortunately not always possible, so let me talk to you about what Nespresso concocted for us on this Festive season – because the next best thing to a complete change of scenery often goes through taste right?

This year, Nespresso is launching its Gifts of the Forest range made of three Limited Edition coffees that celebrate the wonder and enchanting beauty of the forest. The design of these capsules and collection has been created in collaboration with Johanna Ortiz – a Colombian fashion designer that is also an active supporter in the fight against climate change. With this exquisite range and to celebrate all this flavour, Nespresso is stepping in to help protect 10 million trees from being cut down in the Amazon rainforest by associating itself with Conservation International.

Let’s now have a look into this vibrant Nespresso Gifts of the Forest coffee range, we have:


  • Forest Black 

A woody, peppery spice coffee with cereal notes

  • Forest Fruit Flavour

A fruity coffee with juicy berry and sweet pastry notes

  • Forest Almond Flavour

A sweet coffee with almond to vanilla notes and a light of fruitiness


My personal favorite being the Forest Fruit Flavour, I was quick to try the seasonal limited edition must-drink called FOREST SPRITZ. If you want to try it at home here is what you’ll need:

– 1 capsule of Nespresso Forest Fruit Flavour

– 4x Ice cubes (30g each)

– 10ml Sugar Cane syrup

– 1x Laurel leaf

– 120ml Sparkling water

– 3g Lemon grass

– Forest Berries for decoration


Step 1 : In little jug, muddle 3g of fresh lemon grass, and extract a Nespresso Gifts of the Forest Forest Fruit Flavour espresso over it. Let it infuse for 3 min

Step 2 : Into a VIEW recipe glass, add 4 Ice Cubes (30g), 10ml of Sugarcane Syrup and 120ml of Sparkling water. Stir it and add a Laurel leaf

Step 3 : Pour the coffee on top through a strainer.

Step 4 : Finish by decorating with some forest berries


In collaboration with NESPRESSO Switzerland