Growing up in Switzerland’s beautiful Romandie region I knew three things for certain : Swiss lakesides have nothing to envy to the French riviera, the best sunsets are to be admired from the Lavaux and the fact that Nespresso is a Swiss brand. The latest might come as a surprise but many friends of mine had family working at Nespresso, and I always considered the company as part of our local landscape. This is why signing my first ambassadorship with the brand was such a big deal for me, and four years later – which brings us to today – Nespresso is still one of my most valued partner.

Reasons why I like Nespresso are numerous, but they don’t all reside in the coffees themselves (and here you know I’m a fan) – I like Nespresso because our values align and I respect the way they support local economy while pushing the boundaries of innovation and diversity. It is interesting that many customers are unaware of Nespresso’s Swiss roots, for the entire process from roasting to packaging is made in Nespresso’s three production sites in Switzerland. This is where coffees, machines and innovations are developed for Switzerland as well as the rest of the world.

This week I got the opportunity to travel to the Jungfraujoch -Top of Europe in order to rediscover Nespresso’s Swiss heritage and attend the launch of the brand’s Intensely Swiss local campaign, and what a perfect place to celebrate Swissness than this splendid snowy location! I’ve been mesmerized by the beauty of a 360 mountain landscape and I was even able to sip my favorite Nespresso Vertuo coffee up there. Talking of coffee, along with this campaign Nespresso launched the Swiss Favourites Coffee packs that represent the diversity and preferences of Switzerland’s regions. 

In collaboration with Nespresso