Life is better with a pop of color, don’t you agree? I personally do think so, and although I began the design of my apartment with neutral furniture only, I lately tend to add more colors to it – my latest acquisition being Nespresso’s new Vertuo Pop coffee machine in the loveliest Pacific Blue color.

Nespresso Vertuo Pop is a new addition to the brand’s Vertuo machines range: these are more compact, which might come useful if you want to install your machine in different rooms or corners of your apartment like your office or library, and they come in 6 different colors (Spicy Red, Mango Yellow, Pacific Blue, Aqua Mint, Coconut White and Liquorice Black).

But the lifted design is not the only advantage of this range, as Nespresso’s Vertuo Pop machines are also less energy-consummating and made with 35% recycled plastic. Plus this range still comes with all the benefits of the Vertuo universe, offering full versatility with 4 cup sizes at your disposal (40ml, 150ml, 237ml and 414ml).

Talking of Vertuo, I’ve started navigating this capsule coffee system quite recently, and I have to say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it! Being a fan of longer coffees type Americanos or Lungos, Nespresso Vertuo definitely covers my needs. Other than its broad coffee menu, Vertuo machines also differ from NespressoOriginal range by their brewing system – indeed Vertuo machines use a completely different brewing technology called CENTRIFUSIONTM. Basically, this technology spins capsules at high speed to create a thick foamy cream on top of the coffee, which means extra points in my books as I love a good foam.

Curious about Nespresso’s Vertuo Pop machines? Get yours at your local Nespresso boutiques or ONLINE