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When it comes to beauty products, I think we will all agree on the fact that quality is never to be underrated. Because I’m sure that nobody wants to apply some suspicious cream on the skin only to find no results or worse, additional skin problems.┬áSpending any amount on products (even if it’s low-priced) that doesn’t work adequately is a waste of… Read more


A lady that we make all take as a reference today once said: “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future,” and although she said it about half a century ago her quote has only increased in value. We all have a small bottle of perfume to spray on us every morning, and in the long run we are beginning to smell it… Read more


I’m always, always impressed by unexpected collaborations. When Kiehl’s announced their partnership with a group called “Kadebostany” I immediately supposed that they were some designers or maybe an other brand of beauty products. But it was even better than that, Kadesbostany is a young pop band, who has taken root in Geneva before becoming internationally known with a first album – “Pop collection” (An… Read more


December is here! And everybody knows what this means; this season your obsessive shopping can finally be justified by a noble cause – the purchase of gifts. But it is true that with all the choice that we find in stores at this period we can sometimes feel a bit lost. Yes I also have spent hours hesitating between the floors, walking round and… Read more


When I created my blog a few years ago I took the decision not to make a “Beauty” section. Why? Maybe because I wanted to focus on fashion, or maybe because I never had the opportunity to work with cosmetics brands. But in truth, all this is false – I wanted to diversify my posts and the demands of these specialized brands have increased… Read more