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image1I haven’t even had time to finish my articles of this season’s new products that end-of-the-year (or « holiday ») collections are starting to arrive in my mailbox. Pretty dark red packagings and Merry Christmas cards … but let’s talk about it in a few months shall we?

So, after the Shades of Fall lipsticks and cheeks&eyes reviews, let me introduce you… Read more


The other day I heard a fellow blogger saying that she is too busy to even open her delivery boxes  – it made me wonder if a) am I really as overwhelmed with work as I think I am? and b) am I a crazy hysteric? Because even while I am ironing my clothes whilst composing a future blogpost and trying to make… Read more

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You know what I say: fall season means big lipstick haul at the local mall. While those transitional months are so hard for the wardrobe (big cosy sweater or little light jacket?), they surely are not for the vanity case as we precisely know what we want: warm brown/red shades and delicate nudes, all in a good old opaque coverage – because you can… Read more

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One very wise person once said that “you can really appreciate life only when you don’t have to study for an history exam”. Ok that wasn’t a wise person, but just me – Elvira the survivor. After spending the past few weeks over books, taking notes of major events I was supposed to already know as a russian (but somehow I didn’t) and trying… Read more


Beauty bloggers is a pretty curious sort of people, when fall is approaching they do not complain about being back to reality, neither they look forward to the next holidays. Aliens? Freaks? Not really, it is just that they know that every-single-morning (apart from Sundays, damn them these days off), a highly irritated postman will hand them one (or several) boxes filled with new… Read more


If my life has taught me one thing, it is that every great summertime is doomed to end by a violent ice bucket of reality : that “back on track” moment when your mind is still at the playa but your body is, ugh, at work. Modern-psychology-by-Elvira (lol) strongly advises to pamper yourself with a brand new beauty routine in order to fight against… Read more

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