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Current situation : I woke to sunlight in Porto Vecchio, south of Corsica, swam 20min in the still-cold swimming pool in front of my parent’s house, and am right now writing this blogpost (my first since we left Geneva a week ago!) while drinking coffee and waiting for everybody else to wake up. To many it can seem like a basic holiday situation but… Read more

After having spent the last two weeks in Switzerland, enjoying cocktails on local events here in Geneva and planning some crazy cool projects from Zurich, I am now more than ready for new adventures and my already packed luggage testifies of it. Yep, some of my most attentive readers have spotted on Instagram that I announced two upcoming trips: first Charles and I are… Read more

Escaping two days in Paris is without doubt my favorite kind of escape, as a short stay is just enough for me to appreciate the city’s charm without clashing with it’s moody residents and also because on such short trips I can allow myself to travel with a hand luggage only, taking a couple of outfits that I carefully plan a while before …… Read more

One of the first things I did when my academic term came to an end was online shopping, because summer finally granted us the gift of it’s presence and my holiday’s wardrobe was only filled with last year’s clothes – so embarrassing. I needed outfits for afterwork parties, for my upcoming holidays in Corsica, for fashionable travelling (yes I just wrote that) and the… Read more

My last couple of weeks have been all about exam revisions and my lack of new updates on the social medias raised some questions about what I study, where do I find time to do so etc. So, now that I’ve written my final essay and am officially on my student holidays I decided to dedicate this article to the answering of those questions.… Read more

Osho said : if you suffer it is because of you, if you feel blissful it is because of you. Nobody else is responsible – only you and you alone. You are your hell and your heaven too. It is interesting how I always come to quote Osho before my exams, as if meditation only occurred through hardship and after a couple of make-up… Read more

Back to Geneva not only means back to my little routine (which includes delicious coffee x2 and tons of computer work), but also back to my usual wardrobe struggles. Ever spent hours complaining on how you have nothing to wear in front of an overloaded closet? Yeah I know, not the first world’s problem, at least not until you’re running late and are still… Read more