When it comes to coffee, I’m definitely #TeamMilky – and while I often enjoy long blacks, I certainly never refuse a cappuc’  (note to self: only posh people use this abbreviation, I should probably stop). My love for milky recipes led me to venture into many cups : flat whites, macchiatos, frappés and so on; as they say with age comes the wisdom,… Read more

It’s a three hours flight that separates Geneva from Marrakech, you might think that it’s quite a ride, but once you’re there, once you’re feeling warmth on your skin and these 32 degrees melt the city stress you had in you without even knowing it, then you just wonder : how come I didn’t book my flight earlier? In case you don’t know it… Read more

To Charles and I, the highlight of the beginning of the year was surely our trip to Seoul – not only it was our first time in South Korea, but also in Asia in general. My first impression could hold in one single word : huge. Sitting in my transfer car from Incheon airport to the Gangnam area after about 24 hours of traveling… Read more

I don’t know about you, but my beginning of the year has been very exotic, see I’ve travelled to Nicaragua, Indonesia, Ethiopia, India and Colombia on a rather regular basis – every morning actually. When pressing the on button of your favorite Nespresso machine assures you a round trip to the most exotic destinations, you just go for it, right? As a reminder, last… Read more

They say flowers are the way to a woman’s heart, but I kind of I like my flowers bottled up and served in a pretty Jo Malone London packaging. This spring couldn’t start any better as, the other day, my delivery man handed me a box with no less than five (!!!) new limited editions from my favorite British brand. This fresh collection is… Read more

When picking a hotel to stay in Amsterdam, I asked my Instagram followers for recommendations, something I do quite often when I’m planning a trip by myself and not for work. The large majority of recommendations I got was for the Pulitzer hotel, and for good reasons: 

  1. Location 

When you say heart of Amsterdam, you imagine gracious canals, artisan coffee shops… Read more

Remember that moment Harry Potter receives his letter of acceptance to Hogwarts? Well, I’ve been waiting for mine since I was eleven and the wait has finally paid off. It wasn’t a letter to Hogwarts though, but to something equally thrilling : Jo Malone’s London School!

Now, why so much excitement you might ask? Firstly you cannot follow me without knowing that I’m a… Read more