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I just came back from Venice, the weather was fabulous there and the atmosphere really romantic. I’m really excited to show you the pictures of the few days I spent in that amazing city but before I will post some pictures I made the day before my departure after a “happy hour” at the Swiss Majestic’s hôtel. Fluo clutch from Rome and striped fluo top up to date!

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There is a little paradise somewhere between Rome and Venice called Montreux. My trip to Rome was unforgettable and before going back to Italy for another adventure, we stopped back home for a few days in Montreux. After four speedy days, it was a real pleasure to revover and be a bit tranquil. I swam in the lake and did all the little things that I am used to do. A bit of rest in order to be fit for another busy week full of surprises in Italy.

Combinaison & Hat : Accessorize Heels : Zara Bag : Galliano Bracelet & Ring : H&M

IMG_6955 If all the roads lead to Rome, one thing is certain: in Rome, every single path leads to shopping! There are many beautiful things to see, and places to explore in this historic city. Of course, for all the roman fashionistas, there is no secret. On the other hand, for us europeans, shopping in Italy rhymes with Milan. Milan here, Milan there; I… Read more

There was a dream called Rome” said Maximus just before dying. (For those of you who have never seen the film “Gladiator” with Russell Crowe, I strongly recommend it!) Indeed, Rome is a dream. The second day of our trip, we visited the Colosseum, the Palatinum and the ruins. These discoveries plunged us into a very specific atmosphere of Rome. It’s quite… Read more

To cross Rome on a scooter with your hair in the wind following the perfect example  of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck … Wouldn’t it be the Roman stereotype par excellence ? We weren’t able to rent a scooter during our stay as we did not have a driver’s license. But in Russia we have the most optimistic proverb : everything that does… Read more

A little post before my flight to Rome. I have never went to the world’s ancient capital so I spent all my last days exploring this city through my books and internet websites. The italian culture has always attracted me, I’m really excited to eat the traditional food and to enjoy the walk on the old town’s lanes. Here are some pictures I took a couple days ago after having lunch in Lausanne. Enjoy your holidays people, I hope I will enjoy mine 🙂

Body : American Apparel Shorts : H&M Gilet : DUNE Bag : (from Paris) Heels : Bershka Watch : MARC JACOBS

To taste some of the delicious mini-hamburgers on the Majestic’s terrace is a real pleasure, especially when the weather is sunny and perfect. Here are the pictures of the daily look.

Dress : Top Shop Hat : I Am Sandals : L’Emotion